Arshad Sharif’s killing: DGISPR holds important press conference


Director General Inter Services Public Relations DGISPR addressed an important press conference along with Director General ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem related to the senior journalist Arshad Sharif’s killing in Kenya.

While holding a press conference DGISPR highlighted some major points connected with the killing of Arshad Sharif.

The purpose of this presser is being done to help to differentiate the facts, fiction and opinions.

There is a need to review those elements that helped to build a particular narrative and misguided the people, made baseless allegations against the state institutions, leadership even the army chief and tried to create a chaos and divide the society said General Iftikhar.

General Iftikhar while acknowledging Arshad Sharif’s efforts and services to his work said, “He was an icon of Pakistani journalism, because he was son of martyr and a brother of a martyr. His programs will be seen as a role model for journalists” he added.

DG ISPR expressed his condolences to the bereaved family and said, “Surely, it was a sad incident, during the painful time, we all stand with Arshad Sharif’s family.”

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Whether it was Siachin, tribal areas, military exercises, operation areas, the line of control, Arshad Sharif’s program will be remembered as a role model in journalism, DGISPR said.

He further added that he was famous for being investigative journalist and when the cypher surfaced, he conducted several programs on the issue.

The facts behind the cypher and Sharif s death have to be determined, he said.

Talking about the cypher, DGISPR Gen Iftikhar said that the army chief had discussed it with Imran on March 11 when the latter had termed it to be “not a big thing”.

“It was surprising for us when on March 27 a piece of paper was waved, and an attempt was made to build a narrative that was far from reality.”

He said that several facts had come to light regarding the cypher revealing the “baseless and unfounded” narrative surrounding it. The ISPR informed the National Security Committee that no proof was found regarding the conspiracy against the PTI government, he said, adding that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) also did not find any evidence regarding the conspiracy.

“This is all part of the record. We wanted to bring this to the public. And we left the decision to the-then government.”

However, this did not happen, and more rumors were spread to gain political mileage, he said, adding that the Pakistan Army was also targeted.

DGISPR stated that the army was expected to intervene in domestic politics. “The word neutral and apolitical was turned into an abuse. To all this baseless narrative, the army chief and the institution showed restraint and we tried our level best that politicians sit together to resolve their issues.”

He noted that Arshad Sharif made strong comments regarding the army during this time but added that “we did not have any negative sentiments about him, and we don’t have such feelings now”.

On the occasion, DG ISI said that “If the commander-in-chief is a traitor, then why did you meet him in hiding?”

“Meeting [him] is your right but it cannot be possible that you meet at night and call [him] a traitor in the day,” said the DG ISI.

The ISI chief made an unprecedented appearance during today’s press conference, it was the first time ever this has happened.

In this regard, he said that “I am aware that you are surprised by my presence,” adding that he had appeared for his institution and the officers who were sacrificing their lives.

“As chief of this agency, I cannot remain silent when they are targeted for no reason,” he added.

Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum while expressing that the nation had given him the responsibility to take secrets to the grave said that “But when needed and when necessary, I will bring those facts to light”.

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