Case filed against TikToker for setting Margalla Hills ablaze

Islamabad-A case has been lodged against famous female Pakistani Tiktoker Humaira Asghar aka Dolly for deliberating setting woods — Margalla Hills — on fire all just for a‘mystical effect’.

As per details, the case has been filed against Dolly for defying the environmental protection laws under Environmental Protection Act 1997. She’d be delved regarding the fire incident.
The videotape has drawn flak on social media as the woman was shot walking down the hill in a tableware ball gown, in front of a timber fire raging behind her.
Dozens of trees were burnt to ashes to produce a dramatic effect for the observers in the footage.
A many days back, a videotape of two youthful men setting the timber on fire at Margalla Hills for a bare TikTok videotape drew wide review and wrathfulness. They could be seen setting the timber on fire with a lighter.
In Pakistan, this has come a trend as before this month a man was arrested in Abbottabad for designedly starting a timber fire for the background of a videotape.
The incidents incontinently drew wide review and wrathfulness.
Following the emergence of back-to- back campfire vids involving TikTokers in recent days, the Wildlife officers have demanded the government bring legislation to cover the timbers in Pakistan.
Participating the videotape of the womanish TikToker on Twitter, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Speaker Rina Khan condemned the acts.
Nominating the short clip‘ disturbing and disastrous’, the speaker said the woman should have been holding a pail of water to extinguish the fire rather of glamourising it.
Emphasizing the need for legislation, she said that there’s life imprisonment for those who start backfires in Australia. (The government of New South Wales in Australia has set a law that lists the maximum discipline for starting a bushfire as 21 times in captivity).

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