Army chief should be a competent person with ‘flawless’ background: Maryam Nawaz

Islamabad-Maryam made these reflections in a press conference outside the Islamabad High Court on Thursday while answering a question about Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s commentary, wherein he’d said that former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) principal Lt Gen Faiz Hameed’s name could be considered for the new army chief.

Still, it’ll surely be considered,”Asif had said in an interview with the BBC,”If his name is on the senility list.
The PML-N leader has been critical of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed, who served as the ISI chief from June 16, 2019, to Oct 19, 2021, and is presently posted as the Peshawar fraternity commander.
Addressing a rally last week in Fateh Jang, Maryam had blamed Gen Hameed while pertaining to Imran Khan’s recent podcast appearance where he’d said the intelligence chief was the” eyes and cognizance”of the government.
The PML-N leader had said”We know that he was not your eyes and cognizance ( rather) he was your hands through which you strangled your political opponents.”
In her media talk moment, she said that the army was a respectable institution for the country and its people.”The nation looks at the army for the concinnity and security of Pakistan. So it’s important that an army chief is a person who good and pristine so that people laud the Pakistan Army.”
Maryam added that it was a” good thing”that the fortified forces had decided to stay down from politics and limit itself to its indigenous part as this had been a struggle of politicians.

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