Dr Asad Majeed appointed envoy to EU

Islamabad – Former minister to the US Dr Asad Majeed Khan– one of the central characters in the PTI’s “ foreign conspiracy” claim– has left for Brussels to take over as Pakistan’s new minister to the European Union.
He’ll assume his new liabilities on May 10.
Pakistan’s Ambassador to Brussels Zaheer Aslam Janjua has been appointed as the high manager to Canada. Janjua will arrive in Canada on May 15.
Former High minister Imran Khan has been professing that he was ousted from power through a US- backed conspiracy.
The coalition government led by PM Shehbaz has decided to form an “ independent commission” to look into the allegations but Imran has rejected the offer and sought conformation of a judicial commission on the matter.
The contestation revolves around a politic string the also Pakistani minister in Washington transferred to the Foreign Office on March 7.
The string was grounded on Dr Majeed’s discussion with US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu. In that string, according to Imran, the US functionary hovered Pakistan of dire consequences if the vote of no- confidence against the PTI leader didn’t succeed.

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