In a first, Harvard University student newspaper supports a ‘free Palestine’

In an unknown move, the Crimson Editorial Board, a diurnal pupil review of Harvard University, blazoned its support for Palestinian emancipation.

On Friday, the review published an tract, “ In support of boycott, divest, warrants and a free Palestine” championing its support for the tyrannized Palestinians.
The Crimson Editorial Board said that when oppression strikes anywhere in the world, resistance movements resonate encyclopedically.
“ The desire for due justice spreads, like campfire, moving us to act, to speak, to write, and right our once wrongs,” reported.
Amid raising pressures between Israel and Palestine, the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) has hosted instructional programming, organized daily demonstrations of support through “ Keffiyeh Thursdays,” and indeed installed a various,multi-panel “ Wall of Resistance” in favor of Palestinian freedom and sovereignty.
It has forced our lot — and our editorial board — to formerly again scuffle with what both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have called Israel’s “ crimes against humanity” in the region.
“ We first and foremost wish to extend our sincere support to those who have been and continue to be subject to violence in engaged Palestine, as well as to any and all civilians affected by the region’s militancy,” read the composition.
We aren’t sure how these words will reach you, or whether they ’ll do so at each. But our station is n’t embedded in propinquity or convenience, but rather in foundational principles we must uphold — indeed if (or maybe especially when) it proves delicate.

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