UN passes resolution in favor of veto

New York – The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution in the Security Council authorizing the use of veto power.

According to foreign media, a resolution was unanimously passed in the UN Security Council in favor of mandating the use of veto power.
193 UN member states voted in favor of the resolution. According to the resolution, the five permanent members of the Security Council must provide a justification for exercising their veto power on any issue.
The resolution further states that a meeting of the UN General Assembly will be convened within 10 days to seek justification from the vetoing country.
The five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom – have veto power. If a single member of the Security Council vetoes an issue, a resolution on the issue cannot be passed.
Russia has so far vetoed 120 times, while the United States has vetoed 82 different resolutions.

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