Afghan women players make football debut in Australia

Victoria ( Web Desk)- Players from Afghanistan’s public women’s football platoon contended in a original league match in Australia on Sunday for the first time since fleeing the Taliban.

The result was a scoreless draw after an Afghan thing was disallowed for being offside in a lower league amateur match in the eastern state of Victoria.
But for the Afghan women it was a important, emblematic palm as they returned to the pitch together after leaving their motherland to rebuild their lives in Australia.
The game showed that the Taliban couldn’t stop the players, said platoon captain Nilab, who like her teammates didn’t give a family name so as to cover cousins living in Afghanistan.
“ We still continue our fight and our combat just to play for the Afghanistan people,” she told AFP.
“ We fled the country but we’re still allowing of our country and we’re still working for our palm for our country.”
Australia helped dozens of Afghan public women’s platoon players and their cousins to escape when the Taliban swept back to power eight months agone.
The Taliban have since oppressively elided the freedoms of women, banning girls’ education and precluding women from indeed boarding aeroplanes without a manly relative.
As players fled to different countries, the women’s public platoon was disintegrated.

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