PM Imran Khan says he will not accept an imported government, announces peaceful protest

Islamabad-Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he accepts the judgment of the Supreme Court that dissatisfied him.

Addressing the nation on Friday, he said that the Supreme Court should have roundly look into the matter as it was foreign hindrance in the form of the no- confidence stir.
Imran Khan formerly again blazoned to go to the people, saying that he’ll not accept an imported government. He asked the people to carry peaceful kick after Isha prayers on Sunday.
He said that he’d a great respect for the bar.”I was transferred to jail in my life and that was for the independent bar,”he added.
The high minister said that the Supreme Court hadn’t bandied so important conspiracy.”MPs have been bought like scapegoats and heart was also bought. We hoped that the bar will take a suo motu notice of the trade and purchase of MPs. The SC should at least look at the letter. Which type of republic it’s in which heart is being bought. It doesn’t be indeed in a banana democracy,”he declared.
He said that the US functionary had stated that Imran Khan should haven’t visited Russia.”Pakistan will have to face a delicate time and suffer a loss if Imran Khan survives the no- confidence stir that was no filed by also. Pakistan will be pardoned if the no- confidence stir succeeds,”the PM quoted the US functionary, as saying

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