Shahzain Bugti quits govt after talks with Bilawal

Lahore-A day ahead of the tabling of the no- confidence stir against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly, Special Assistant to the PM on Reconciliation and Harmony in Balochistan Shahzain Bugti on Sunday blazoned his abdication from the civil press, saying he’d enough of the unfulfilled pledges Prime Minister Imran Khan had made for the development of the fiefdom.

Shahzain unveiled his decision at a common news conference with PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari following their meeting fastening on the prevailing political situation in thecountry.nShahzain informed the media persons about his party’s decision to part ways with the ruling PTI and abdication from the civil press.
He said,”The government has failed to deliver in Balochistan. The civil government gave us hope that effects will ameliorate with its pledge to concentrate on the underdeveloped areas but the people have been dissatisfied.”
The JWP chief said,”We’re standing with the Pakistan Democratic Movement and will do whatever we can.”On his part, Bilawal described Shahzain’s abdication as a” stalwart decision”. He said that Shahzain had tried to work with the government during the once three times but it had betrayed both its people and the opposition, adding that PM Imran had” used his abettors”.
Bilawal while thanking Shahzain said that the MNA had transferred a clear- cut communication to the Pakistani people.”The people are looking to us to break their problems. Balochistan’s issues are complicated and our history has not been fair with the people of the fiefdom,”the PPP president added.
“ Shahzain Bugti hosted us at the time of the Senate election, and moment when the country is at a crossroad where the future of the country and republic are at stake, the country is looking at congress to crop from this extremity,” he said.
Bilawal said that this is a timely and valorous decision by Shahzain. He said that numerous respectable politicians who truly represent their constituencies made sweats to raise their voice for the people. “ Imran Khan betrayed his abettors the same way that he dumped the people and the opposition.” As long as true representatives of Balochistan and all of the country don’t come forward, the problems of the people can not be answered.
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