I will not forgive them even I lose government or my life, says Imran Khan

Islamabad-Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed the resoluteness to make Pakistan an Islamic weal state on pattern of the State of Madina as established by Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Addressing a mammoth public rally of PTI entitled”Amr Bil Maroof”in Islamabad on Sunday, he said loose rudiments have been pillaging the public wealth for thirty times and now they’re trying to blackmail him by moving a no- confidence stir against him.
Imran Khan said he’ll not compromise on supremacy of law to put the important under the dimension of law that’s why no NRO will be given to loose.

The Prime Minister said the government introduced universal health content, allocated massive finances under Ehsaas Programme, and handed interest-free easy loans to youth under Kamyab Jawan Programme.
Imran Khan said with the growth in duty collection, the government gave a subvention of2.5 billion rupees, reducing the prices of petrol, diesel and electricity.

Imran Khan said we introduced the policy of smart cinch down to handle Covid-19 epidemic.
He said the entire world lauded our policy of guarding our people and the frugality in a stable manner. Quoting a report of the World Bank, he said there’s least severance in Pakistan as compared to other countries of the key.

He said that due to prudent programs of the government, profitable growth was recorded at5.6 percent.
Farther pressing his government’spro-people programs, the Prime Minister said exports, assiduity and duty collection witnessed record growth.

He said 30 billion rupees were allocated to grease salaried class to have their own house through easy loans.
He said ten big heads are under construction and will probably be completed by 2028. This will insure vacuity of sufficient water for irrigation and mortal consumption.

Imran Khan said Ravi Urban City design is being completed in Lahore, which is the alternate planned megacity after Islamabad in the history of Pakistan. Either, Lahore Business District is being established to promote businesses in the country.
He said the government has successfully revived the Reko Diq design, which will bring an investment of nine billion bones. He said the people of Balochistan will profit the most from this design.

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