Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and extremism :PM Khan

Islamabad -Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that Islam has nothing to do with fear-based oppression and extremism.

Speaking at the concluding address of the 48th Session of the OIC Chamber of Foreign Ministers’ inaugural session on Tuesday, he said that Islamophobia saw an increment after 9/11. “The Muslim world embraced a quiet. This can be the primary event, the world caught on as its genuine issue.
” The prime minister said that world peace is connected to peace in Afghanistan. “No country will be secure on the off chance that distress developed in Afghanistan once more. We’ll get to dispose of worldwide psychological warfare from Afghan soil. Afghanistan got a chance for peace after 40 a long time,” he added.
He said that the Afghan individuals will never endure outside intervention. He said that India had illicitly denied the status of Kashmir. “The world will be got to halt the unlawful acts,” he maintained.
PM Imran Khan said that Islam had given rights to ladies most of all religions. “Approximately 70 percent of ladies are deprived of legacy right in Pakistan. The OIC will play its part to resolve the Russia-Ukraine issue.
It is feeling sorry for that as the Muslim Ummah, we have been unsuccessful over the Palestine and Kashmir issues. Both countries have been denied of the proper to self-determination,” he added. He said that the Pakistan government had set up the Rehmatul-Lil-Alameen Specialist comprising of researchers.

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