More then 20 PTI MNAs staying in Sindh House, Raja Riaz

Islamabad -Ahead of the no-confidence movement against Prime Minister Imran Khan, around 24 individuals of the PTI are as of now remaining at the Sindh House.

PTI’s disappointing part of the National Get together Raja Riaz claimed on Wednesday that on the off chance that Prime Minister Imran Khan guarantees all MNAs that no activity will be taken against those who chosen to vote against him on the day of the no-confidence movement, they are prepared to go back to the Parliament Lodges.
Speaking to the media, PTI MNAs Malik Nawab Sher Waseer and Riaz said that around 24 PTI individuals have been remaining within the Sindh House right presently. He advances said that numerous other priests are prepared to come here, in any case, PML-N is incapable to suit all the members.
Riaz, who may be a part of the Jahangir Tareen Gather, told media that the disappointed individuals would vote for the no-confidence movement against PM Imran Khan in “understanding with their conscience.” Waseer moreover said he would not challenge the other common race on a PTI ticket.
While Riaz claimed that 24 individuals are remaining within the Sindh House. The senior writer said that a few disappointed pioneers are dodging the camera; in any case, he said that all of them have affirmed that the reason for remaining at the Sindh House is out of fear. “The disappointed individuals fear that the government will take activity against them comparative to the March-10 strike by police on the Parliament Lodges.

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