Aneela Murtaza issues legal notice alleging Sana Javed is ‘seeking publicity’

Karachi (Web Desk) -Following Omayr Waqar, stylist Aneela Murtaza has counter-filed a criminal note in opposition to Sana Javed, which alleges the actor is “in search of publicity” on the rate of Aneela. Sana lately despatched criminal defamation notices to Manal Saleem, Omayr and Aneela.

Sharing the attention on her Instagram, Aneela wrote, “Responding to some thing absolutely unnecessary.” Omayr clapped for her withinside the remarks segment of her post.
In the attention to Sana’s criminal crew, Aneela’s criminal crew writes “The contents of paragraph 1 [from Sana’s defamation notice] are unknown to our consumer. Hence, your consumer is placed to strict evidence of the same.” The note adds, “The contents of paragraph 2 are vehemently denied in entirety as concocted, unsubstantiated and fallacious. Your consumer is placed to strict evidence of the same.”

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