TTP leader’s interview with CNN generates strong backlash


The interview of the leader of a designated terrorist organisation with an American news channel has generated lots of heat, with questions being asked about the timing of its airing and whether it was aimed at stirring instability in Pakistan, as the US forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

The analysts termed CNN’s interview of Noor Wali Mehsud an attempt to legitimize the terrorist organization and place it parallel to the Afghan Taliban, despite the fact that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was a US-designated terrorist organization, already neutralized by Pakistan, while the US and other countries were holding negotiations with the Afghan Taliban.

The TTP which had targeted innocent Pakistanis including women and children in several heinous attacks against Pakistani civilians and armed forces was changing its stance to protect its illicit activities under the cover of Islamization.

Command Eleven – an Open Source Intelligence, think tank, specializing in counter-terrorism, insurgency and extremism pointed that the TTP was a defunct terror group that was fighting to regroup under the ISPP banner, as their strength and relevance in Afghanistan has been decimated.

The TTP interview also revived the memories of the gruesome attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar in which 150 people including 134 school children were massacred.

“Does CNN give airtime to all UN-designated global terrorists or made an exception in the case of Afghanistan-based most wanted terrorist leader of TTP responsible for deadly attacks against Pakistan including the massacre of our children?” questioned Sana Jamal an Islamabad based journalist.

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Irfan Ali

Irfan Ali

Irfan Ali