PM asks youth to benefit from Skills Education and Kamyab Jawan Plan

PM asks youth to benefit from Skills Education

PM asks youth to benefit from Skills Education and Kamyab Jawan Programs (KJP).

In a video message, Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the youth to take full advantage of Skills Education and Kamyab Jawan Programs.

PM asks youth to benefit from Skills Education

The PTI government launched these programmes for creation of job opportunities in the country.

Prime Minister further said this will not only benefit the youth but also the country as a whole.

The Prime Minister said one hundred and seventy thousand scholarships are being given for the skill development of the youth.

He said fifty thousand scholarships will be given for hi tech skills including artificial intelligence and big data.

He said this will enable the youth to get excellent job opportunities as the world is heading towards revolution in the technology.

Furthermore, the PM said the skill education program also envisages training in several other fields as well.

He pointed out that the present government has made record allocation of Rs 100 billion under Kamyab Jawan Program. That aims to enable the youth start their own businesses.

He said any youth who has a business idea can avail loan facility under Kamyab Jawan Program.

Moreover, he said this program will be further expanded in order to reach out to more youth.

The PM further said the youth mainly want jobs in the public sector. But he said actually they can get job opportunities in good numbers in private sector or the Small and medium enterprises.


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