Death toll of Palestinians due to Israeli missile attacks rise to 140 so far

Death toll of Palestinians due to Israeli missile attacks rise to 140

Death toll of Palestinians due to Israeli missile attacks rise to 140 so far.

Israel continued air strikes on Gaza strip in Palestine.

Palestinian nationalist and Islamic resistance groups launched rockets at Tel Aviv and other cities on Saturday.

Death toll of Palestinians due to Israeli missile attacks rise to 140

Israeli forces and extremist Jews had attacked Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem (al-Quds), al Aqsa mosque and Sheikh al Jarrah neighbourhood.

They had violated the sanctity of the holy month of Ramazan, al Aqsa mosque and worshippers.

Palestinians began retaliating since then. However, Israeli regime had not repented. Instead, it chose to use disproportionate force against Palestinians.

Therefore, Palestinian resistance groups began retaliating with rockets firing.

Now, the Israeli missile attacks on Gaza go unabated with no sign yet of an end to their worst escalation since 2014.

In retaliation, Hamas and PIJ militants also fired barrages of rockets overnight and during the day at Israel.

Although Israeli military planes, including F-16 fighter jets targeted civilians, they claim they targeted Hamas, the Islamist group running Gaza.

According to Palestinians medics, at least 139 people, including 39 children, have been killed in Gaza since the conflict erupted on Monday.

Israel has reported nine dead, including two children.

The Israeli bombardment killed more than 15 Palestinians in Gaza overnight and on Saturday, medics said.

10 members of Palestinians among martyrs

Martyrs included a woman and four of her children who died when their house in a refugee camp was hit, while five other were also killed.

However, pro-Palestinian media reported all the 10 martyrs belong to the same family.

But Israel’s military falsely claimed that Hamas was using that apartment in the Beach refugee camp.

In Israel, thousands of Israelis ran for shelter. Sirens wailed repeatedly across Tel Aviv on Saturday. One rocket struck a residential building in the commercial hub’s suburb of Ramat Gan, killing a 50-year-old man, medics said.

In Gaza, Akram Farouq, 36, dashed out of his home with his family after a neighbour told him they had received a call from an Israeli officer warning that their building would be hit.

“We haven’t slept all night because of the explosions, and now I am out in the street with my wife and children, who are weeping and trembling,” he said.

Israeli missiles destroy offices of AP and Al Jazeera

Israeli missiles destroyed offices of AP and Al Jazeera in Gaza.

A 12-story Gaza tower block housing the offices of the U.S.-based Associated Press and Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera collapsed on Saturday due Israeli missiles, a Reuters witness said.

The building also contained a number of apartments and other offices.

According to a Reuters reporter, Israel had warned the owner of the building in advance of its missile strike.

Jerusalem Post further reported that the Israeli military did not immediately provide comment on the incident.

According to an AP journalist, who confirmed that Israeli missiles destroyed the building.

The AP staff remained in shock although remained safe.


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