PM vows to promote technical and technological education

PM vows to promote technical and technological education

PM vows to promote technical and technological education to guide the country towards knowledge based economy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan made this pledge, while addressing a ceremony at Malakand University today (Friday).

He underlined education as a must to uplift a society.

PM vows to promote technical and technological education

Imran Khan said apart from technical education, universities are also launching special programs to acquaint the youth about Islamic values.

He cited that universities programs also acquaint the youth about teachings of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam Khatim un Nabiyeen.

He announced establishment of Al-Qadir University with the same purpose.

The Prime Minister said that they would make Namal University Mianwali a knowledge city.

He further said the government is giving special emphasis to industrialization as well as the agriculture and tourism sectors to take forward the country.

The PM said this will create immense job opportunities for our people in different sectors.

He said that the government is brining a new policy about the agriculture sector next week.

Imran Khan said we assumed the power in the most difficult economic situation.

He said we have returned thirty five thousand billion rupees in loans over the last two and a half years.

He said the government has launched mega projects such as Ravi city and Business district in Lahore for wealth creation.

The Prime Minister said the investors are also showing great interest in Bundal Island project.  We have started work Mohmand and Basha dams

Moreover, he expressed confidence that these projects will help the country return its debt.

The Prime Minister said unprecedented incentives have also been given to the construction which will help uplift the industries allied with this sector.  He said we are also executing low cost housing projects.


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