Hindus return Pakistan from India after having shattered new life dream

Hindus return Pakistan from India

Hindus return Pakistan from India after having shattered new life dream. 

Another 130 Pakistani Hindus returned to Pakistan from India Thursday.

Hindus return Pakistan from India

They came back after having their dream of starting a new life there shattered.

Ironically, their life in India turned out a nightmare for them.

Particularly the peculiar  behaviour of the Indian government profoundly dejected these Pakistani Hindus who finally returned to their homeland.

Because, their stay in India became more troublesome due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to sources in Immigration Department, some of the returned Hindus had visited India to see their relatives.

But, the majority of them, hailing from rural Sindh, went there for permanent stay.

However, they opted to be back to Pakistan due to to bad behaviour of the Indian government.

They found it more difficult to live in India during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s High Commission in India is making efforts to bring back the citizens to the country.

The returned citizens termed their stay in India as a “nightmare.”

They expressed their pleasure over their return.

Meanwhile, a senior journalist told GTV Network HD that Pakistani Hindus also longed for equal rights in India.

But, Indian government didn’t treat them equally. Those Pakistani Hindu families also found it difficult to enjoy legal rights like they did in Pakistan.


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