Flag hoisting ceremony of multinational AMAN 21 naval exercise held

Flag hoisting ceremony of multinational AMAN 21 naval exercise

Flag hoisting ceremony of multinational AMAN 21 naval exercise held at the Karachi Dockyard today.

Commander Pakistan Fleet Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf addressed the ceremony.

He noted 45 countries gathered for AMAN21 with a commitment to make sea safer for positive human activities.

Flag hoisting ceremony of multinational AMAN 21 naval exercise

He further said increasing number of participants reflects growing trust in the value of the exercise.

The senior representatives of the 45 participating countries also graced the official flag hoisting ceremony of AMAN21, with their presence.

The Commander Pakistan Fleet welcomed all the participants and said they have travelled from all across the globe and gathered to participate in the AMAN-21.

Moreover, they expressed profound gratitude to the countries for their participation in the Exercise, despite the COVID-19 challenges.

Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf expressed hope that the interaction between the participating countries will be memorable and professionally rewarding.

He further said that he is looking forward developing professional relationship among the participants of the AMAN-21.

AMAN literally means peace

Elaborating the title “AMAN”, Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf pointed out that the literal meaning of Urdu word “AMAN” is peace, which draws the motto of the exercise “Together for Peace”, therefore collaborative maritime security and collective efforts for maintaining good order at sea remains the spirit of the AMAN series of exercises.

He said that today is a proud moment for Pakistan Navy, when we began the 7th edition of our biennial multi-national maritime exercise AMAN-21.

The purpose of the AMAN21 is let us come together and understand each other to fight with the common enemies, thereby achieve peace and stability at sea, he said.

He said that the AMAN Exercise has encouraged and consolidated the process of collaborative maritime security among countries across the globe.

Besides, it demonstrates joint resolve against the threats emanating from the maritime domain and to enhance interoperability among the participating navies.

Finally, it eyes achieving sheer understanding of maritime security operations, counter-terrorism operations and humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf said that the salient activities of AMAN21 include professional interactions, cross cultural events, and exercises at sea.

Pakistan believe in collaborative maritime security

He said that Pakistan is a firm believer in collaborative maritime security and therefore has been actively participating in maritime security and counter-piracy operations along with other partner navies since 2004.

Furthermore, he said that we have institutionalized the Task Force (TF-88) for seaward security of Gwadar port and adjacent sea area.

He said that since 2018, Pakistan Navy has been undertaking another initiative of Regional Maritime Security Patrol.

That aimed at making sea safer for maritime community and contribute in freedom of navigation at sea in the Indian Ocean Region.

He said that the concept of maritime navy is vast and multidimensional ranging from traditional security issues like state sovereignty matters, territorial disputes and, threats from conventional forces etc.

No country can single handedly tackle the diverse threats that exist or the new ones that emerge on daily basis, he added.

He said that the exercise AMAN is an effort to boost interoperability and exhibit a united resolve against multifaceted threats.

Anti-piracy tactics, counter-terrorism operations

The Commander Pakistan Fleet said that some of the prominent activities of AMAN21 include anti-piracy tactics, counter-terrorism operations.

It also includes search and rescue maneuvers and finally the hallmark of the sea-phase which is the international fleet review.

Meanwhile, Commander of 25th Destroyer Squadron Commodore Imtiaz Ali read the message of the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi.

In his message, he welcomed the participants of Exercise AMAN-21.

The Naval Chief said that this Exercise provides not only a medium to develop doctrinal synergy to tackle maritime security challenges, but also serves to enhance interoperability amongst navies at different pedestals of technological prowess to secure a safe and sustainable maritime environment.

Today, threats to maritime security increasingly emanate from contemporary asymmetric challenges that have deeply impacted the maritime environment.

In this regard Pakistan Navy continues to actively contribute towards regional maritime security, the chief of Naval Staff said his his message.

Reading out the message, Commodore Imtiaz Ali said, “it is a matter of pride to see flags and ensigns of over 45 Navies fluttering together as an embodiment of Exercise motto, ‘Together for Peace’.

Cherished goal of regional peace

I am certain that the camaraderie generated herein will continue to grow and bring us even closer to the cherished goals of realizing regional peace and shared prosperity, through collaborative efforts.”

Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi in his message extended gratitude to the participating navies for joining AMAN-21.

“The overwhelming response received for the Exercise despite COVID-19 pandemic, reflects your firm commitment for a secure maritime environment, which is indeed inspiring.

I look forward to a successful and rewarding Exercise and thank all the participants who have travelled great distances to be our worthy guests and invaluable partners for peace”, the message concluded.

Earlier, the senior representatives of all partners’ countries took up the position when the flag party officially performed hoisting of the flags of participating countries on the tune of the National Anthem of Pakistan.


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