Masood praises role of Kashmiri Pakistani diaspora to globalize IOJK issue

Masood praises role of Kashmiri Pakistani diaspora

Masood praises role of Kashmiri Pakistani diaspora to globalize IOJK issue.

President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan said that the Kashmiri-Pakistani diaspora community has played a critical role in creating awareness about the Kashmir issue.

Masood praises role of Kashmiri Pakistani diaspora

He said this while speaking to Faheem Kiani, President Tahreek e Kashmir-UK during a meeting at Jammu and Kashmir House Saturday. He discussed the latest situation in IIoJK).

Masood further said that the diaspora acted as a bridge between the people of Kashmir and the international community.

Specially, he discussed the conditions prevailing after the imposition of an occupational lockdown, communication blockade and rapid demographic changes.

Furthermore, he stressed the need for focused approach by all for the peaceful and just resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions.

AJK president said that India has virtually imprisoned innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir in their homeland.

He further accused India of murdering Kashmiris, jailing many on false cases and dishonouring Kashmiri women.

He said India shot young unarmed protestors with pellet guns.

Sardar Masood underlined it as duty to liberate our brothers and sisters from the shackles of the Indian occupation forces.

Meanwhile, he also praised the efforts of the Tahreek e Kashmir President Faheem Kiani.

Specially he lauded him for successfully organizing webinars with leading cross-party MPs and holding major events.

Kiani, especially observed human rights week in connection with the World Human Rights Day all over the UK.

Tahreek-e-Kashmir UK is actively working to raise the profile of the Kashmir dispute and effectively highlighting the human rights violations being committed by the India occupation forces.


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