Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government is committed to remove all impediments in the way foreign investments in Pakistan to industrialize the country.

Speaking at Country Strategy Dialogue on Pakistan organised by World Economic Forum through video link, he said we are dealing with all the problems like bureaucratic redtapism to encourage foreign investors to invest in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said today’s Pakistan is all about wealth creation, where everyone will be welcomed to come and invest to industrialize our country. He said it will definitly help lift poor people out of poverty.

Imran Khan said his government believes in facilitating and encouraging public-private partnership to improve governance and strengthen economy.

He said Pakistan is a huge market of 220 million people with majority young population.

Highlighting his government’s achievements and challenges to stabilize economy and save people’s lives from COVID-19 pandemic, Imran Khan said we opened up the construction and the agriculture sectors during the first wave of Coronavirus.

He said cash assistant was provided to 15 million families to help the deserving families in the time of pandemic.

He said now we are hitting a second peak of the virus and we have decided not to close our businesses and only non-essential sector will be locked down to prevent people from the disease and hunger.

Talking about challenges on the economic front, the Prime Minister said his government inherited the biggest Current Account Deficit of Pakistan’s history. He said the current account deficit has now become surplus due to prudent policies of the government, which shows economic stability in Pakistan.

He said exports are improving, Foreign Direct Investments, and remittances are increasing. He said we gave incentives to the business community and now textile industry of the country is running with full capacity.

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Irfan Ali

Irfan Ali

Irfan Ali