PM proposes 6 point strategy at SCO summit to jointly counter Coronavirus

PM proposes 6 point strategy at SCO summit

PM proposes 6 point strategy at SCO summit to jointly counter Coronavirus.

Prime Minister Imran Khan floated proposals, while addressing the 20th Heads of State (SCO-CHS) meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Council.

PM proposes 6 point strategy at SCO summit

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held through video conference Tuesday.

Heads of State and government from China, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan also addressed.

The PM proposed a six-point strategy to galvanize joint efforts. Proposals included setting up a knowledge bank to counter second wave of COVID-19, policies to mitigate pandemic’s economic impact and declaring vaccine a source of global good.

He termed exchange of knowledge among SCO countries significant to reduce the risks of virus that continued to rage the world with high positive cases and death toll.

Imran Khan suggested the SCO states to formulate short, medium and long term policies along with a framework in consultation with World Health Organization to reduce the adverse effects of pandemic.

He stressed that COVID-19 vaccine must be seen as a “global good” for the betterment of mankind rather than restricting it to a certain nations.

The PM also called for a multi-year strategy on educational institutes, partnership on scholarships for youth in scientific fields, and also on public health and global economy.

China’s effective handling of coronavirus

He lauded China’s effective handling of coronavirus and assistance rendered to countries including Pakistan.

He said China and Pakistan were also collaborating in vaccine development, which was in phase three after human trials.

Imran Khan mentioned that Pakistan’s policy of smart lockdown protected from the worst fallouts of pandemic, saving people both from virus and hunger.

He recalled his earlier proposal on debt relief for developing countries.

Furthermore he welcomed the G-20 countries measures to help create fiscal space to deal with aftereffects of pandemic.

Under SCO’s vision of regional connectivity and integration, he said, Pakistan and China were pursuing the Economic Corridor under Belt and Road Initiative.

He stressed upon equality and sovereignty of states, non-oppression, sanctity of borders and recognizing people’s right for self-determination.

Strong supporting role of United Nations

The PM called for strong supporting role of United Nations in securing peace and global development.

Imran noted peaceful solution to outstanding disputes important to avert crisis in regional peace.

As a shared responsibility, he said, Pakistan supported an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned solution that realized into the Doha peace deal.

He warned of the role of “spoilers ,within and outside” who did not wish peace and stability to return to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan strongly supported China’s global data security initiative.

He said as Pakistan fought terrorism as frontline state, it was against resurgence of extremist ideologies, racism, neo-Nazim and Islamophobia in the region and world over.


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