Senate Committee head terms India as Daesh hub endangering peace

Senate Committee head terms India as Daesh hub

Senate Committee head terms India as Daesh hub endangering peace in South Asia.

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik said this, while addressing a press conference on Sunday.

Senate Committee head terms India as Daesh hub

He said that India was turned into a hub of Daesh operators working with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which endangered the peace of whole of South Asian region.

Furthermore, he said that 44 Indian banks had been flagged in connection with transactions by Indian entities and individuals in a set of Suspicious Activity Reports filed by US banks with the watchdog agency, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and yet FATF was reluctant to take any action against India.

He said that Pakistan was named in Grey List for the only suspicious transaction while India was given free hand despite of its involvement in terror financing and money laundering.

The Indian Express has reported it for the first time. Malik said he had written two letters to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) President with all evidence to take action against India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being involved in terror financing.

He urged the UN, US, and FATF to take the notice of 44 Indian banks figured in SARs linked to over 2,000 transactions valued at over $1billion between 2011 and 2017.

The senator said that back in 2015 on September 18, in a talk show on a private Tv channel on the day of terrorists attack on Pakistan Air Force base in Badaber, Peshawar, he was the first who had unearthed the nexus between RSS and Daesh duly financed, supported and trained by RAW but unfortunately, his critics refuted and ridiculed him.

Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval

He said that in his books and articles, he had been revealing that in 2014, Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval had visited Iraq and had met with Daesh head to create working relationships with Daesh.

He revealed that the visit of NSA Ajit Doval had strength terrorism network of RSS by blending the militancy and skills of Daesh.

He in his three books had detailed discussion that how India had strengthened its terrorism network of RSS by blending the militancy and skills of Daesh.

He stressed that today India had become a proper hub of Daesh to be used against Pakistan, China, and other neighboring countries.

American magazine ‘Foreign Policy’ in its article “Indians and Central Asians Are the New Face of the Islamic State” on October 8, 2020, has confirmed his earlier findings and disclosures about the stronghold of Daesh in India.

He said that The Economic Times in its publication dated Jul 26, 2020 reported that the UN had shown graver concerns on the increasing footprint of ISIS in India and the ISIS web was spreading at an alarming pace.

The UN report

UN report on terrorism has warned that there are a significant number of ISIS terrorists in two states of India, namely Kerala and Karnataka. He added that as per the data that ISIL Indian affiliated which was announced in May 2019 had around 180-200 members.

India has a covert plan to continue proxy wars through Daesh in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China as terrorists from China are being trained by RAW in five different places currently.

The senator said that the recent wave of sectarian hatred was a pre-planned conspiracy of Indian spy agency RAW to weaken Pakistan. “Religious hatred is not acceptable in any case and we need to understand the illicit motives of our enemies,” he added.

Malik said with unity, love, and interfaith harmony, the nation could defeat its enemies wanting to divide it into sects.

India is already using Daesh and RAW in Balochistan, KPK, and other parts of Pakistan to achieve the the objectives in Pakistan.

They include: destabilizing Pakistan through proxy wars and Daesh activities by infiltrating its agents in Pakistan to commit terrorism against specific targets of attempting to undermine the Pakistan Army by propagating in Indian media and other like-minded media houses hired for this purpose.

Acts of terrorism against the political elite

To sabotage the peace in Pakistan by acts of terrorism against the political elite of Pakistan in the coming months and to create massive anti-Pakistan propaganda and lobbying against Pakistan with the purpose to keep Pakistan under pressure by FATF and other international forum.

A. Rehman Malik while answering a question said that in any democratic country, protest was the democratic right of the opposition and it was the responsibility of the government to provide full security to the protesters.

He said that he would continue to expose Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s terrorism and brutalities in Kashmir at every forum and against Indian Muslims.

He said that this was the right time for us to expose Indian money laundering and terror financing as its 44 banks were identified for suspicious transactions.


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