AJK President warns of bleak Kashmiris future if world do no t intervene

AJK President warns of bleak Kashmiris future

AJK President warns of bleak Kashmiris future if world do no t intervene.

President Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that the future of Kashmiri people is bleak if the international community does not intervene.

AJK President warns of bleak Kashmiris future

He said this, while addressing a webinar on Kashmir issue.

He further said that the situation on ground is nothing better than a foreign occupation whose driving force is a fascist Hindutva agenda.

He proposed a move to resolve the Kashmir issue by starting an international rights movement that reached out to Indian civil society, politicians and international partners.

On the occasion, Senator Sherry Rehman said that Kashmir is the oldest issue on the agenda of the United Nations.

She said it cannot be treated as an inconvenient regional issue that can be airbrushed away by the international community.

British MP Andrew Gwynne from the Labour Party said the world cannot afford two nuclear states to enter into a conflict.

Former BJP politician Sudheendra Kulkarni said the abrogation of Article 370 is unconstitutional and unjust.

Meanwhile, Indian army arrested dozens of Kashmiris in IOJK (occupied Kashmir).

They have arrested over a dozen people including a father and his daughter during the massive military operations, launched in large areas of South Kashmir.

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