Short Pakistani film 1978 to have world premiere at Locarno Film Festival

Short Pakistani film 1978 to have world premiere

Short Pakistani film 1978 to have world premiere at Locarno Film Festival 2020 in Switzerland in August.

Writer and director Hamza Bangash made this film that has made it to global cinema.

Short Pakistani film 1978 to have world premiere

Director Hamza Bangash made this announcement on his official Instagram account.

He said he was trilled to finally be able to announce that his secret film project, 1978, will be having its’ World Premiere in-competition at Locarno Film Festival 2020.

Hamza called his most ambitious project. They built a disco. Recorded original songs. Non-actors.

Making a film takes a village, but this one felt like it took an entire city.

Moreover, it makes sense, since the film is about a city-Karachi- that no longer exists.

Hamza wrote in his post citing the city, once the Paris of the East.

Previously, Hamza Bangash has also sent in the films “Dia” (2018) and “Stray Dogs Come Out at Night” (2020) to the Locarno, and Palm Springs Film Festival, respectively.

Film focus a young Goan Christian rock star

The film focused on a young Goan Christian rock star named Lenny D’Souza.

He was struggling to reinvent himself while Pakistan’s society is changing drastically.

Hamza Bangash called him “Uncle Norman” affectionately and considered it a privilege to tell the story of lost culture inspired by Mr. D’Souza’s experiences.

Furthermore, the team of 1978 has recorded original songs, enlisted non-actors, and built a disco to create the ethos of the time.

Bangash credited his executive producers Rashid Maqsood Hamidi and Abid Aziz Merchant who “made this film happen”.

“1978” stars Muhammad Zeeshan as Lenny D’Souza, Rubya Chaudhry as Dina, theater veteran Naveed Kamal as AJ, the disco manager, and Sherwyn Anthony as Thomas D’Souza.

The film’s music is being provided by Clifford Lucas. The film has been produced by Carol Ann and written and directed by Hamza Bangash.

Besides, it has already been nominated for the prestigious Pardino d’oro award for Best International Short Film and the Pardino d’argento as well while the Locarno Film Festival will take place from 5-15 August.


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