India loses three soldiers in violent face off with Chinese troops

India loses three soldiers

India loses three soldiers in violent face off with Chinese troops.

The incident occurred during a “deescalation process” underway in the Galwan Valley in the disputed Aksai Chin-Ladakh area, CNN reported.

India loses three soldiers

According to the Indian army statement, loss of life occurred on both sides.

Chinese and Indian troops clashed along the disputed but de facto border in the Himalayas late Monday.

India lost an officer and two soldiers but the statement did not specify the number of additional Chinese casualties.

It added that senior military officials from both sides are currently meeting to defuse the situation.

The large troop build up has reportedly been taking place for weeks now on both sides of the border, before senior military commanders began talks earlier this month.

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday held a meeting with senior Indian military officers, according to the Indian army.

He “reviewed the current operational situation in Eastern Ladakh” with the Chief of Defense Staff, and the chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the army said. The country’s External Affairs Minister was also present.

According to India’s NDTV, senior military officials from both sides are meeting to defuse the situation.

China accuses Indian troops of serious violation

At a regular news conference Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that on Monday “Indian troops seriously violated our consensus and twice crossed the border line for illegal activities and provoked and attacked Chinese personnel which lead to serious physical conflict between the two sides.”

“China has lodged strong protest and representation with the India side, and we once again we solemnly ask the India side to follow our consensus and strictly regulate its front line troops and do not cross the line and do not stir up troubles or take unilateral moves that may complicate matters,” Zhao added.

“We both agreed to resolve this issue through dialogue and consolation and make efforts for easing the situation and upholding peace and tranquility in the border area.”

Zhao did not comment on whether there had been any Chinese casualties.

Chinese military officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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