Shahbaz Sharif and son Hamza summoned for indictment on June 11

Shahbaz Sharif and son Hamza summoned

Shahbaz Sharif and son Hamza summoned for indictment on June 11 in Ramzan Sugar Mills Case.

An accountability court summoned PMLN leader Shahbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz for indictment in Ramzan Sugar Mills case on June 11.

Shahbaz Sharif and son Hamza summoned

Judge Amjad Nazir Chaudhry heard the case.

The court hadalso  indicted Hamza and his father Shahbaz Sharif in the same case on April 9, 2019 but the accused had denied the charges against them.

Shahbaz and Hamza maintained that they had saved Rs2300 billion, while assuring no misuse of the money.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) prosecutor had submitted complete details of assets of family members of Shahbaz Sharif in the court.

Besides, the NAB prosecutor argued that their assets went beyond their known sources of income.

The prosecutor stated the assets of Shahbaz’s family had noted increase while  Hamza couldn’t provide details of the sources of his income,.

Hence, the court announced another hearing for indictment.

In Islamabad, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Shah appeared before NAB on Thursday.

National Accountability Bureau summoned Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in Roshan Sindh Program case.

The NAB officials told him they would issue a questionnaire to him in the case.

Syed Murad Ali Shah told this, while taking to the media after having appeared before NAB team.

On Tuesday, NAB Lahore team failed to arrest Shahbaz Sharif in assets beyond means and money laundering case.

The team National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore had arrived at the residence of opposition leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif for his arrest.

The NAB officials sought to arrest him over non-appearance in today’s NAB case hearing but Shahbaz escaped arrest.

Later on Wednesday, LHC barred NAB from arresting Shahbaz Sharif.

Lahore High Court granted interim bail to Shahbaz Sharif till June 17 in money laundering and assets beyond income cases.

On the other hand, war of words between the government and the opposition parties continue.

Pakistan Peoples Party also remains critical of the PTI government but the top leadership of PMLN and the PPP seem to have chosen to stay silent.

It seems that have assigned junior leadership to speak.

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