Afghan Taliban accuses US of violating peace deal

Afghan Taliban accuses US
Afghan Taliban accuses US of violating peace deal.
Taliban has warned that the peace deal with the United States is nearing a breaking point.
Afghan Taliban accuses US
In a statement, Taliban accused Washington of violations of the agreement including drone attacks on civilians and delay in release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners.
It further said continued violations would create an atmosphere of mistrust that will not only damage the agreements but also increase the level of fighting.
The US military in Afghanistan rejected the Taliban’s claim, saying it has upheld the military terms of the agreement.
Afghanistan has been suffering due to lack of peace since decades.
Even US-led military presence has not brought peace to the country.

US Taliban peace accord

US Taliban had signed peace accord in Doha which Western media portrays to end war in Afghanistan.


AP reported that the United States and the Taliban have signed a peace agreement aimed at ending the 18-year war in Afghanistan, America’s longest.

The signing could help President Donald Trump fulfill a key campaign promise to extract America from its “endless wars.”

Under the agreement, the U.S. will begin withdrawing thousands of troops.

However, US will do so in exchange for Taliban commitments to prevent Afghanistan from being a launchpad for terrorist attacks.

US representative Zalmay Khalilzad meets Pakistan Foreign Minister in Doha

Afghan Taliban orders halt to attacks ahead of deal with US.

Vali Nasr notes change in Washington perception for Pakistan due to PM

Earlier, Afghan Taliban ordered its fighters to halt attacks.

While talking to the media in Kabul, Taliban’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid disclosed this.

He said that the Taliban ordered all its fighters to refrain from any kind of attack ahead of signing of an agreement with the US diplomats aimed at bringing peace to Afghanistan.

He also expressed hope that the US remain committed to its promises during the negotiation and peace deal.


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