Qatar bans travelers from for 14 countries including Pakistan due to Coronavirus fear

Qatar bans travelers from for 14 countries
Qatar bans travelers from for 14 countries including Pakistan due to Coronavirus fear.

The temporary ban applies on travelers of fourteen countries including Pakistan.
Qatar’s ban came after coronavirus outbreak while the number of patients  rose to 15.
The Ministry of Health said in a statement in Doha that the decision affects all individuals intending to enter from these countries.
Qatar bans travelers from for 14 countries
The ban also remains applicable to the visas upon arrival, residence or work permit, and temporary visitors.”
The other countries include Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria and Thailand.
It is pertinent here to mention that 96 passengers were offloaded from Doha-bound flights in Islamabad and Karachi. Qatar Airways had already suspended flights to and from Italy, one of the hardest-hit countries.
Earlier, Pakistan reported seven persons with positive tests for coronavirus so far.
Over 100 countries confirm Coronavirus cases
The world health body said 101 countries and regions have reported confirmed cases of coronavirus.

According to WHO report, a total of 105,586 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide.

It shows an increase of 3,656 infections from the previous day.

It also includes 3,610 new cases outside China.

Report had it that among 24,727 confirmed cases outside China, 484 people have died of COVID-19.

It marked an increase of 71 deaths compared to the previous day.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Cambodia, Austria, Hungary, Egypt, Peru, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Malta, Martinique and Faroe Islands have reported confirmed cases.

Moreover, French Guiana, and Maldives have reported cases of COVID-19 for the first time.

Moreover, Over 290 million students miss school due to coronavirus, according to UNESCO.
The U.N. agency dealing with promoting education give this figure while calling it unprecedented.
Disadvantaged children are the worst-hit by the emergency measures, Ms. Azoulay said.

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