Govt can’t bring Pakistanis without permission of Chinese govt: Mirza

Protective equipment dispatched
Govt can’t bring Pakistanis without permission of Chinese govt.  Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Services, Dr Zafar Mirza said Pakistan could not bring its citizens from China without permission of Chinese government.

Govt can’t bring Pakistanis

However. he asserted that all necessary facilities being provided to Pakistani students in China.
He said this while talking to a private news channel. 
The PM’s special assistant said that both Pakistani and Chinese governments are taking care of Pakistani students in China.
Both are providing them all necessary facilities.  He further said both governments remain in touch with each other in this regard.

Besides, he personally remains in constant contact with some Pakistani students in China.

Social media

Meanwhile, social media remains full of theory of biological warfare behind spread of Coronoavirus.

Many blame United States for this epidemic in China and other countries while China’s military online portal published an article, claiming that the coronavirus is “a biochemical weapon produced by the US to target China.”.


China and Iran also accuse US

Moreover, the China article says: “Imperialism has never stopped attacking, destroying, and annihilating China.”

But China is developing so rapidly that imperialism rips off its mask of hypocrisy and openly acts [against China], the article says.

Iran leadership said that the (US-sponsored) Coronavirus propaganda in Iran resulted in low voters turnout.

Notably Iran also recalls US-led West’s supply of chemical weapons to Saddam regime of Iraq during war with Iran.



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