Sindh CM spokesman announces postponement of cabinet meeting today

Sindh CM spokesman announces
Sindh CM spokesman announces postponement of cabinet meeting today.

According to the CM’s spokesperson, the meeting will be held on Wednesday.
Sindh cabinet meeting postponed in the wake of situation arising after poisonous gas leakage in Karachi on Sunday night

Sindh CM spokesman announces

The spokesperson also informed that the Commissioner Karachi briefed Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah regarding toxic gas leak in Keamari area of Karachi.
During a high level meeting, commissioner informed that bad smell spreads at the KPT.
Although others claimed reasons remain unknown, commissioner said bad smell spred during unloading from a soya bean container.
He also said that bad smell reduces upon shutting down doors of container.
In view of that, Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah issued direction for the checking of the container.
He also issued instructions to examine the samples soya bean and wind quality of the surrounding area.
Meanwhile, death toll due to gas leak in Keamari rose to 8 with 2 more deaths today (Monday).
The poisonous gas leaked in the coastal residential area of Keamari in Karachi.
According to a private news channel, Sindh Health Department had confirmed the 7th death from the gas leak late Monday.

The 7th person died at the Ziauddin Hospital while another man died at the KPT Hospital.

However, the actual source and type of the leak which occurred on Sunday night in Keamarir remain unknown.

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