PM decides to expand scope of Panahgah initiative

PM decides to expand scope of Panahgah

PM decides to expand scope of Panahgah initiative across the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Panahgah initiave aims at developing Pakistan as an Islamic welfare state.

Under that vision, governemnt’s Panahgah initiave cover social protection to poor segments of the society.

PM Khan made the announcement during a meeting with his newly appointed focal person on Panahgah Naseem-ur-Rehman.

They discussed the administration of shelter homes and the steps to expand the project during next twelve months.

PM decides to expand scope of Panahgah initiative

According to a PM office statement, a twelve month long comprehensive programme will be launched in all major cities across the country under which the shelter homes project will be expanded.

The office of focal person will help in establishment of a multifaceted partnership with non-governmental and community based organizations.

They will also make partnership with private sector and philanthropists.

Meanwhile, Minister for National Food Security and Research, Makhdum Khusro Bakhtiyar says bumper wheat crop is expected this year and there would no issue of wheat supply in the coming months.

While talking to IMF staff Mission in Islamabad, he said the government is taking all necessary measures for management of food inflation and food prices in the country would be stabilized.




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