Muhammad Jalal Sikandar Sultan sworn in a Chief Election Commissioner

Muhammad Jalal Sikandar Sultan
Muhammad Jalal Sikandar Sultan sworn in a Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) today.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmad administered him the oath at a ceremony at the Supreme Court in Islamabad.

Muhammad Jalal Sikandar Sultan

Notably, M Jalal Sikandar Sultan has served Pakistan as a bureaucrat in the past.

Sikandar Sultan has replaced Sardar Raza Khan who retired last month.

However, government and opposition took much time to agree on his successor.

Due to their disagreement and war of words, Pakistan has no CEC since retirement of Sardar Raza Khan.

The Parliamentary committee reached consensus on him to head the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The committee comprised of government and opposition members.

Consensus on Sikandar Sultan Raja

GTV reported on Jan21 on the consensus over the name of Sikandar Sultan Raja as new Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

Moreover, the meeting also agreed to appoint Nisar Durrani as member of Election Commission from Sindh.

It also agreed to appoint Shah Muhammad Jatoi as CEC member from Balochistan.

Meanwhile, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari called it a matter of great satisfaction.

She appreciated that the parliament settled the matter with consensus.

Furthermore, she said that they would refer the names to the Prime Minister.

Muhammad Jalal Sikandar Sultan


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