Dense fog amid cold dry weather envelope many areas in Pakistan

Dense fog amid cold
Dense fog amid cold dry weather envelope many areas in Pakistan due to which most sections of the Motorway remain closed for traffic.

According to Motorway police spokesman, the department closed M-I  from Peshawar to Islamabad.
Moreover, M-3 from  Faizpur to Abdul Hakeem, M-4 from Shorekot to Pindi Bhattian and M-5 Multan to Sukkur also closed.

Dense fog amid cold

Meanwhile, the visibility over National Highway remained from zero to twenty meters.
The spokesman has advised commuters to seek help from 130 before travelling on this motorway.
During morning and night hours, dense fog likely to prevail in most plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh.
Besides, few districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also remain under dense fog.
Frost also likely to be observed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Potohar region during the period.
The Met also expect cold and dry weather elsewhere in the country while very cold in upper areas.
Temperature of some major cities recorded this morning:  Islamabad and Peshawar three degree centigrade,
Lahore six, Karachi ten, Quetta minus three, Gilgit minus four,  Murree minus one, and Muzaffrabad two centigrade.

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